Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Adobe Illustrator
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

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Create Characters in Adobe Illustrator!


Learn how to use vectors in Adobe Illustrator to design new characters. Jannie will teach you the basics and demonstrate how she creates her illustrations, thumbnails her stories, and exports files to share with editors.


Lesson 1: Adobe Illustrator & Vector Basics​

  • Overview of Illustrator: Pros and Cons
  • How to Use Tools
  • Place a Sketch into Illustrator
  • Practice Tracing with the Pen Tool

Lesson 2: Play! Creating Characters​

  • Draw Directly in Illustrator
  • Use Grayscale and Color
  • Play with Shapes and Sizing
  • Design Characters with Guidelines
  • Add Texture and Patterns
  • Create Different Characters in a Lineup Sheet

Lesson 3: Set Up for Book Creation

  • Customize Simple Backgrounds
  • Play with Horizon Lines
  • Move Elements Around
  • Determine Best Character Placement
  • Export in Different Formats
  • Get Thumbnail Templates
  • How to Save Thumbnails as a PDF