Building Author Website
Building Author Website
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Building Author Website

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Build a Professional Author Website!


In this hands-on intensive, you’ll learn how to build a professional website so that agents, editors, and fellow storytellers can find your work and contact you easily. You'll learn the tools needed to build a WordPress site and become confident and empowered to make changes and customize to your liking.


Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 2: Website Basics

  • Elements of a Website
  • Why Do You Need a Website
  • A Summary of Different Web Platforms

Lesson 3: Website Planning, Structure, & Mapping

  • Website Structure & Map
  • Navigation & Sections
  • Assets Checklist
  • Tips for Writing Bio Page PDF

Lesson 4: Starting Your Website

  • Searching & Registering a Domain Name
  • Starting a Hosting Account with Bluehost
  • Installing WordPress
  • Bluehost Dashboard Overview
  • Wordpress Dashboard Setup

Lesson 5: Building a Website

  • WordPress Intro
  • Wordpress Themes
  • Wordpress Homepage
  • Wordpress Pages and Galleries
  • Wordpress Menus
  • Wordpress Contact Form
  • Wordpress Blog Post
  • Wordpress Image Slider and Other Customization
  • Wordpress Sidebar and Widgets
  • Wordpress Creating Assets

Lesson 6: Advanced WordPress

  • WordPress Lightbox Page Galleries
  • Bonus: WordPress Using Page Builders / Advanced
  • Bluehost Email Setup

Lesson 7: Bonus Exercise: Building a One-Page Site

  • Building a One-Page Site in Under 60 Minutes
  • Expanding the Site and Adding More Pages