Building an Author Website
Building an Author Website
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Building an Author Website

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Build a Professional Author Website!


In this hands-on min-class, you’ll learn how to build a professional website so that agents, editors, and fellow storytellers can find your work and contact you easily. You'll learn the tools needed to build a WordPress site and become confident and empowered to make changes and customize it to your liking.


Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 2: Website Basics

  • Elements of a Website
  • Why Do You Need a Website
  • A Summary of Different Web Platforms

Lesson 3: Website Planning, Structure, & Mapping

  • Website Structure & Map
  • Navigation & Sections
  • Assets Checklist
  • Tips for Writing Bio Page PDF

Lesson 4: Starting Your Website

  • Searching & Registering a Domain Name
  • Starting a Hosting Account with Bluehost
  • Installing WordPress
  • Bluehost Dashboard Overview
  • WordPress Dashboard Setup

Lesson 5: Building a Website

  • WordPress Intro
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Homepage
  • WordPress Pages and Galleries
  • WordPress Menus
  • WordPress Contact Form
  • WordPress Blog Post
  • WordPress Image Slider and Other Customization
  • WordPress Sidebar and Widgets
  • WordPress Creating Assets

Lesson 6: Advanced WordPress

  • WordPress Lightbox Page Galleries
  • Bonus: WordPress Using Page Builders / Advanced
  • Bluehost Email Setup

Lesson 7: Bonus Exercise: Building a One-Page Site

  • Building a One-Page Site in Under 60 Minutes
  • Expanding the Site and Adding More Pages


Ken Lamug is an author/illustrator and web developer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the day, Ken builds websites, and in his evenings, you can find him making picture book stories, comics, and graphic novels. Nevada’s Featured Title at the National Book Festival for 2020 is Ken's wordless graphic novel, PETRO AND THE FLEA KING.