Symbolism & Storytelling
Symbolism & Storytelling
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Symbolism & Storytelling

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Storytelling and Symbolism


Learn how to use symbolism and visual cues to tell more powerful, kid-relatable stories. You'll learn how to use your own challenges as inspiration. This intensive includes a handout with Kathryn's exercises for each lesson.


Lesson 1: Shapes

  • Find out what kind of personality each shape has.

Lesson 2: Lines

  • See how a line can symbolize a turning point in your life or a change in a relationship.

Lesson 3: Color and Emotions

  • Learn about how colors make you feel.

Lesson 4: Size Relationship and Composition

  • In this lesson, you'll explore what you've learned about shapes and colors to make a composition.

Lesson 5: Writing and Wordplay

  • You'll add wordplay to everything else you've learned in this intensive to tell a story about three words.


KATHRYN OTOSHIKathryn Otoshi is a bit of a unicorn: she's an author, illustrator, graphic designer, and publisher – all wrapped into one. Her mission “is to introduce young readers to big issues through the power of reading and literature.” To this end, she founded KO Kid's Books and Blue Dot Press.Kathryn is an award-winning author/illustrator. Her books include: One, Two, Zero, Draw the Line, Beautiful Hands, Simon and the Sock Monster, and What Emily Saw.